Visitation is a joint right of the child and the non-custodial parent, and is jealously guarded and enforced by our courts unless it is determined that visitation supervised or unsupervised is contrary to the best interests of the child.

A parent should not be limited in access time with a child because of gender or sexual orientation. I shall seek to achieve the maximum visitation and parenting time the circumstances and law allows all parents in the best interests of the children.

The sexual orientation of a parent is no factor in the issue of custody or visitation. Regardless of the sexual orientation of my client, I will endeavor to enforce custody and visitation rights vigorously, to the maximum allowed under the law given the circumstances, on a case-by-case basis in the best interests of the children.

I practice law in the most cosmopolitan environment in our nation. The communities in which I work are more diverse and culturally mixed than any communities in the United States.

It is important for prospective clients to know that the attorney whom they are hiring is sensitive to their cultural needs and personal demands placed upon them by the lifestyles they have chosen. I shall do everything in my power to make my clients feel comfortable and confident throughout what can often be a difficult process.

I will discuss in detail this area of the law with you in a personal consultation, which I will arrange for you at your convenience at my Brooklyn or Staten Island office. My consultations are usually thirty (30) minutes in duration but can be longer if necessary.