What Matrimonial and Custody Trials Are All About

All matrimonial and custody proceedings are what we refer to as "fact sensitive." The Courts treat each case in accordance with the unique facts and circumstances of each case.

All decisions turn on the particular facts which can be established to the satisfaction of the court.

This is most important when the court must decide the question of custody and visitation.

It also comes strongly into play when the court must decide the issues of finances, such as support and division of assets and division of counsel fees as well.


As difficult as the divorce process may be, it does not always end with the final decree. There are many circumstances which may arise post-judgment, all of which require an experienced attorney well-versed in negotiations and modification and post-judgment applications.

A significant source of my clientele is people unsatisfied with prior representation or find a need to modify or enforce prior orders or judgments.

Perhaps your spouse is in arrears in support payments, or your income level has been reduced drastically and you would seek to reduce your Court-ordered obligations. You may seek to alter child custody due to an ex-spouse's behavior, a change in circumstances, or yours or your ex-spouse's need to relocate with your children.

I will discuss in detail this area of the law with you in a personal consultation, which I will arrange for you at your convenience at my Brooklyn or Staten Island office. My consultations are usually thirty (30) minutes in duration but can be longer if necessary.