Family and matrimonial law is the most personal type of practice; despite the mounds of legal files and stacks of boxes, I know that there is a person, often an entire family, in those documents. I can remember most of the names and certainly the faces of each and every client I've ever represented in my many years of practice.

This entire website is devoted to my education, experience and expertise, and my qualifications as a family law practitioner in the state of New York - except this page. This page is dedicated to my clients, who are to me constant reminders that, despite the laws being written in codes by politicians, and enforced and applied by the Courts - they affect very real people - of all callings, backgrounds, genders and sexual orientation and their children.

I have flexible hours; my rates are fair; I am a member of the bar in good standing; I am competent and dedicated. But my clients tell a much better story. Many people are suspicious of attorneys, sadly that suspicion has been justified in far too many cases.

The identities of my clients are, of course, confidential but included herein are some examples of testimonials from some of them, past and present, which I have published with their permission.

  • - Sidney W.

    I found Walter to be an excellent lawyer and advocate for my case. He has a very detailed knowledge of the law and a very assertive but polished courtroom manner. He is very adept at courtroom strategy and is quick at trial tactics.

  • - Stephanie C.

    Mr. Anderocci is unassuming, unpretentious, and so personable that I feel like I am speaking to an old friend rather than a new acquaintance. I highly recommend Mr. Anderocci to anyone who is getting a divorce and needs an advocate. He will not drag things out for his own selfish purposes ($$$).

  • - Mary C.

    I am thankful to Mr. Anderocci that he gave us the peace we needed to just be a family…I highly recommend Mr. Anderocci to anyone in need of an excellent attorney. His fees I felt were fair, he was always available for questions, and always way ahead of the opponent.

  • - Joe I.

    Fights for your rights, especially if children involved as was my case. Willing to go the extra mile to make sure your case gets the attention it needs. Definitely the choice if you’re expecting the worst....thank you, Walter.

  • - Joe

    Don’t get pushed over, get Walter.

  • - D.P.

    As my advocate for almost a year, I find Mr. Anderocci to be tirelessly dedicated, unexpectedly accessible, psychologically astute, smart and tenacious.